The Devil Down

I’m the air that you breathe,
You don’t realize but every second I enter your body,
You thought I’d cure you of your pain,
But now you regret my presence in your life.
Because I entered your mind, I entered your soul,
I knew it inside out and gave you hope,
But then you knew the true meaning of my presence, which destroyed your self,
And the air which entered your nostrils which provided you comfort,
Is now replaced with an air that makes your heart thump in your throat and cough blood.

As I’ve stabbed a dagger into your soul,
Which will make you hallucinate and destroy the core of your now soulless thoughts,
You’ll bleed your pain and suffer, through your damp eyes drained with streams of despair,
For you’ll dissolve your glum darkness into the devoid, lifeless and empty sounds of silence.

You’ll hate yourself more than you hate me,
You’ll torture and deceive yourself and won’t seek any revenge.
The gifts I came to lay on your walk into the future appeared to you as rose petals,
But the more I compelled you to an inevitable state of self-destruction,
All the more the petals felt like glass shards as you walked ahead.

I shan’t kill you nor hurt you,
I shall take away all the light from your life and lock it up in my treacherous box of desires,
You shall stop receiving love and healing from anyone,
You will crumble like paper and disintegrate into the shadows of the barren lonely trees,
You’ll lose yourself for an eternity and become a slave of the devil above.
As I find great pleasure within this box of robbed happiness.

Beware me.
Because anywhere I lead you, ultimately into the devil’s hands you’ll be in,
For you’ll be encaged in your own tortured, depressed soul’s perilious prison,
And I needn’t even do much for that.
I shall only stare you down till you’re weak in your knees.
And lo! You’re compelled with a tortured eternity.
I shall make you weak and powerless and destroy your strength to the very core,
Because the Devil’s on your mind now, not above anymore.


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