The Dreadful Demon

My past is filled with ravenous regrets,
As I’ve wailed over the souls who touched my hand and melted unto the sorrowful sky,
And these craving, miserable monsters crawled united,
And formed forlorn despair immortal, deep within my mortal body.

This despair is no less than a demon,
Its hands are made of guilt, and the legs are built of rage,
And the purpose of this dreadful demon’s life,
Is to ensure my death.

The dreadful demon in the pit of my stomach,
Reaches out its hideous hand through my intestine,
As its intriguing, filthy fingers slither around my throat as a python,
Making me gasp as I choke to death.

Sadnesss seeping through the atmosphere,
My vision is blurred,
Dizziness stirring in my numb mind in every breadth,
Ruby red tears rushing down my eyes as my heart shrinks and my body collapses.

My shrill voice aching for help,
Screaming like mad, desperate souls trapped with no way out,
But no aid I’ve received, for maybe this mystical monster has muted my voice,
With me the only being to perceive it,
Or maybe it is because nobody cares to hear it.
Yet I want to live.

I have no help.
No support, no hope, no reason to cling on to my soul.
All I have is me.
But this me has everything people expect to get from others.
I have strength.
I have courage.
I am mortal and I have a soul.
Over me, I certainly have control.
So nothing will be affected, until I allow it to.

This demon is part-dementor for it is sucking every bit of hope and joy within me,
It is part-vampire as it feasts on my bleeding soul and the blood gushing out from my veins fulfilling its bloodlust,
It is a beast from up above controlled by the Gods of Torment,
With multiple hands squeezing every ounce of hope from every source of hope.

But I’ll fight.

I’ll fight this tortured state.
I’ll emerge stronger than this beast which wants to murder me and dig my grave,
I will be strong and steady and attack, with confidence as my crossbow and determination as my dagger.
I’ll flourish.
I’ll stay alive.
I will get through it.
I won’t let the demon of my past buried in me make me perish.


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15 thoughts on “The Dreadful Demon

    • Couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we regret our doings and blame ourselves when we shouldn’t blame anybody. Since we don’t find anybody to blame, we take all the pain, hurt, and feel guilty. At these times it’s important not to blame ourselves for anything and keep hope.

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