The Omen of Death

The omen of death

Is very wild indeed

It will linger till your last breath

On your happiness to feed

It will twist your mind

It will destroy your soul

It will crush your hope

And in your heart will leave a hole

It will stop making you feel vital

And of faith you’ll feel devoid

It will decompose your self-trust

And will make your insanity a must

The omen of death

Will destruct your self

You will be unable to live in the present

For it feasts on the deeds you through no fault of you own repent

You will drown in an ocean full of gloom

You will never be able to grow and groom

Because there are no buds of hope embedded in you to bloom

As the thorns of their criticism cut out all the room

And even though some say

There’s always a light at the end of your way

The omen of death has conjured such terrible pain

That all lights seem to be incoming trains

That no matter how much try you may

The omen will ensure death in your own way

There is prospect of being safe when you reach this place

Because all of a sudden there is fogginess around

Waiting to strangle you to death and put you to the ground

The omen of death, as its name suggests

Has just one aim, that’s to bring about death

Spiritual, mental death of your soul and mind,

The pain of which will eventually force you to leave your body behind

This omen is feared greatly of all

Because unlike some others, they are not visible to the naked eye

To sense this omen and its intentions

You need a deep understanding of what a person is truly feeling

This omen of death has various names from various views

Each gathering more loneliness the more labels one makes

The more one labels them, the more the omen feeds on them

As it has succeeded in making way for the Almighty to take

The omen of death

Is very wild indeed

It lingers till your last breath

On your happiness to feed

It will twist your mind

It will bend your soul

It will suck out every ounce of happiness

Before it’s the victim’s time tho go

So my dear readers

Of this omen beware

It can be found anywhere

I’m now too late to escape

As it had already targeted me

But I’ll tell you something

If you start loving yourself for the way you are

And learn to not give up on you

The possibilities of this omen in your life will move away from you

It’s too late for me

Which is why I’m writing this

Just learn to trust and believe in yourself

If you want to become happy again.


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