Ruthless rage taking over my bruised body,
No self-control, as you have driven me into this rapt insanity,
Every wee fraction of a second,
When I’m lost in your tormentous thoughts,
Your vile face appears,
And dims the brightness in my welled up eyes,
Glistening due to the salty streams,
Regularly trickling down my cheeks.

And all I can think is..
How did I deceive me into thinking your soul was pure,
Capable of loving me and to be relied on in need,
How did I fall for you unaware of where would I reach?
And now I’m aware what your love truly meant,
I trusted you and had faith in you,
And you betrayed me and left me to pay the price,
Now that I’ve reached a dead end.

My soul’s drooping due to the pain you imparted,
Every acrimonious word you gracefully curse,
From your torn lips burns my body into deeper wrath,
And I’m hurt ah, so deep!

Like a thousand needles piercing the peace of my pumping heart,
Enforcing me to bleed out the unbearable affliction of your so-said ‘affection’,
And my everlasting agony doesn’t seem to cease,
As I hallucinate into wild visions,
Believing my scarred soul deserves to be wounded.

You said that you would hate yourself if you ever made me feel bad,
But you don’t have to do that if even if you mistakenly meant it,
And now I am feeling hurt and I request you to not impose any hatred over yourself in all seriousness,
As I’m all ready to hate you without hesitation.

I was the innocent sheep in your pack of ‘easy’ prey,
But now the wild beast within me,
Has paused its temporary sleep,
And opened my eyes,
And ignited my true fire.
I’m on my way,
To fulfil my demonic desire,
For that’s exactly what you deserve.

And beware me,
Don’t you dare think I’m a easy, delicate person so I’ll be your delicacy,
Because I’m coming for you.

My ever-increasing vengeful conscience,
Wants to hurt you like you had,
I want to fiercely feast on your fiery flesh,
And quench my thirst with the finger-licking blood from your heart,
Which I’ll pull out from your hollow chest and rip apart,
Making you lifeless and alone,
Which is how exactly I felt when you did that to me.

But I’ll take my time.
With my eyes I’ll ensnare your limbs and hands and ludicrous fingers,
Which threatened me to be strangled to death and to rot within my grave,

My control won’t be deadly at first, but enticing.
For I’ll seduce you,
And tempt and allure you into irresistible ecstacy,
And when the time comes,
I’ll tear your body apart.

The sickness of your devoid soul will reside in the saturated blood of your treachery,
And I’ll drain every ounce of it.
And pleasure me with the skin,
Which used to hold me close and caress my shoulders,
Now left hanging from the brittle bones of your meek limbs.
As I get highly drunk on your ravishing red wine,
And my soul satisfies the gruesome greed of your fulfilling blood.

As now,
I’ll be the predator, and you’ll be the prey,
And my splenetic heart shall have its deadly desire,
And suffice with the lucid feast of your succulent bones,
And wrap myself in the comfort of your cries begging for help from your bleeding throat.

As I’ll have my cold revenge,
And bleed you to death.
And finish the deadly vice of your love.
Which you bestow upon your herd of sheep,
Veiled with false truths to conceal your true intentions of wild lust.


Wanna play this archaic game of preying madness?


So, I wrote this poem inspired from one of Ed Sheeran’s songs named Don’t‘.

Basically, the main themes in this poem on which I tried to emphasize are Revenge and Betrayal. The poem tries to convey the dreadful desire of revenge which many people at times feel like seeking, due to heartless betrayal of someone’s love and trust. Even though I feel it’s better to forgive than seek revenge, but everyone at times feels like tormenting the ones who tormented them, trying to make them pay for their deeds, to reap what they sowed.

The main reason behind taking revenge is to gain satisfaction that the person who hurt you is hurt too the same way. However, in my perspective, taking revenge just indirectly conveys that you need someone to relate with you and support you, and give you a shoulder to cry on. Plus, revenge can easily lead to guilt, because when we feel vengeful, we do tend to not have a limit of the revenge sought, leading to hurting the person more than they deserve.


If you torture just the person just like they did to you, what will be the difference between you and that betrayer?

Only forgiveness will make you the better person. Otherwise, the person you take revenge against and you are just equals. And more than forgiving the ones who break your trust, one first must learn to forgive yourselves. It’ll make you feel less burdened and lighter. It’s the only true and appropriate key to peace.


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An Ode to Examinations

The ink of scratching pens spilling onto the crisp parchment,
A hurried agony of mulled up words,
Embedded in your brain during the cicada’s screech in the previous pitched night,
Showered with caffeine shots to last the term.

Pensiveness penetrating the dead silence,
With you sleepily sunken in thoughts,
Every sentence improvised from your hazy recollections,
Of great importance in this examination paper.

An examination paper,
Is annoyingly questionable,
Stirring your mind with confusion deeper in every word,
Thoroughly analysing your ability to perserve,
Interrogating your every move,
With the shadow of the invigilator diminishing your desire to turn.

The walls of the examination hall,
Reflect the blankness of my mind into the seeped voids,
These voids which reside beside every student,
Absorb their thoughts and create a barrier,
Which restrict you from all kinds of awareness unto your conscience,
Making you unknown of the silent chaos in the examination room.

My mind breeds in these melancholic vibes,
Trying to produce legitimacy in the words I cough out on the dry pages,
Deeply I regret of not having learnt that worksheet,
As I beat around the bush,
Trying to recall what was written in that wee box at the bottom,
As I witness the wordless sheet in front of my sleepy eyes,
And the anguish in my heart intensifies.

I want to escape this gruesome state,
I can’t wait for the clock to strike twelve,
For that’s when I leave this gloomy room,
With the loitering invigilators ceasing their wide gaze,
With every student giving them a vanquished look on their way out.

There’s a rumble of question papers in the noisy corridor as soon as I leave that horrendous hell,
Plenty mistakes realised, some lucky guesses gaining accuracy,
Many beliefs being broken, and many hopes being risen,
After I give that enigmatic parchment to the academic Gods.

Who shall testify my intelligence and punish me using the magical red in their quills,
My fate hangs in their balance,
And all I can do now is wait,
For the verdict to come its way,
Which will decide my life or death,
When I’ll momentarily glance over the alloted marks, hoping for the best.

So providing a brief explanation due to popular demandπŸ˜‚, this poem is written to shed light on the atmosphere of an examination hall, and how a student is so immersed in thoughts, that he’s unaware of everything going on around especially the time. As a student, I tried to portray the aftermath and the preparation done for the examination as from what I’ve observed. Though the poem doesn’t express the mentality of each and every student in the hall, I’ve tried my best to pose a usual perspective on examinations.

The poem also indirectly hints at the unnecessity of taking stress during exams. A little nervousness and tension is perfectly alright, but,

An examination only examines your ability, and doesn’t determine it.

Marks don’t define you. But yes, hardwork is a necessity for success.

[…And cheating in the examination hall.. Usually not preferredπŸ˜‚]


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Your ample words, and the horrifying motives hidden vaguely behind them,
Act like a sieve for my thoughts and emotions,
My every bit of sanity you’re extracting from my brain,
You are making me lose control as I cry out loud to the forlorn universe in which I’m dying.

My ripped soul’s translucent tears,
Evaporating into the empty voids,
Precipitate the hazy atmospheres of my brains,
And it rains.
It pours heavily.
Their stone-hearted cold criticism floods through my conscience with rage,
With every puddle of anguish within absorbing my mind’s peace.

Yes, I’m different.
My soul’s scarred with a million miserable cuts,
Blood streaming out from these suicidal scars,
Red paintings on my parched skin,
And oh! Such an immense bittersweet relief I perceive,
From these habitual portrayals of huge, red masterpieces,
Painted painfully by my blue-green veins.
The veins which bind me to reality,
But I hate this reality,
because it has you.

Scrutinizing every deed of mine,
So unfairly you treat me and drown me in despair,
Hence today I shall free myself of this reality I’m enforced to believe are of my own choices,

You thrived on the thought that you could control me,
Use me,
Betray me,
Torture me.

But now I will finally be free,
For I shall expose the deadened veins of my neck to fresh open air,
Which I breathed in, and urged me to swallow, and not let out,
The blood I produced in every breath taken in this atrocious atmosphere,
But I shan’t allow myself these bloody lumps of guilt to taste anymore,
I will finally now bleed to my death and your profound joy and rest in your grim grave with pleasure.

My freezing body is collapsed in front of your feet,
I’m making you witness eternal peace,
You walked over my identity, my personality, my feelings and mercilessly hurt me,
You unreasonably desired to gain control over me.

So finally now my mortal body is surrendered to you,
I am dead.
Finally devoid.
It’s so easy

So walk over me,
“Bless me” with your chapped feet,
Stamp on my soulless hollow lungs and shoulders,
And make me bleed my heart out.
Puncture my limbs and eyes out of their places,
Tear my scars and bruises apart,
Wound me deeper,
Snap my neck and torment me further.
Grasp your evil dagger and gleefully into my soul thrust.
Fulfill your lust,
Finish me, demolish me, and crumble me to dust.

This poem is to emphasize on how intense a person’s feelings can get on being criticised on every single thing. The people judging them for everything they lack do not realise that they’re hurting them.

It’s important that people realise that nobody can be perfect or be exactly matching the expectations of perfection, and it is not even required to be perfect. We all are unique and have the right to have our own beliefs and the right to choose for ourselves.

We all have a spark inside us, a reason to stay alive and survive. Embrace yourselves. Nobody can do a better version of you than you yourself. You are perfect in your imperfections. Thrive in your inner beauty.

To all those people battling and struggling in all sorts of wars in their lives, you unknowingly inspire millions of hearts and give them hope and courage. So have courage, have hope, and know you’re the bestπŸ’ž


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The Branched Out Souls – Choked to Death

I request every reader to please take some of their time and fully read and share this article. I’ve written this poem in protest against the proposed cutting of nearly 3,000 full-grown trees in Aarey Forest for the construction of a Metro Car Shed.

I was at the innocent age of five,
Deluded in fairylands with faint knowledge of reality,
When I sowed my first seed,
And hoped for it to branch out and bask under nature’s glory.

I used to hydrate the sapling and took care as if my child,
I conversed with it as I believed it possessed a soul,
That soul which provided me a comfort flawless,
I wish I had known that that too I would have to let go.
How unaware was I of the world’s cruelty!

And decades pass by,
My little sapling has matured and is merry with his fellow mates,
And now that I see, through my home’s gallery,
This impeccable token of natural beauty.

I feel as if this terrain is my paradise, my heaven,
With the tall, girded trees as their ruling Gods,
The most generous, loyal and kindest kings to have been in existence,
As nature is the mortal form of God,
And trees, God’s emblem. We’re dependent on them.

And now I’ve grown up further,
As times summon me to achieve my deep desired goals in life.
I feel the paradise and its peace in my lungs in every breath,
But I now reside from my terrain far away.

And years pass by again,
And inevitable habit of time to pass by,
I have blackheads and I’m not much beautiful,
But I’ve fulfilled my desires,
I expect nothing anymore,
My life is now nothing more than mere sweet memories, pure as honey.

And now my heart is weighed down by a mighty regret,
A paperweight on the beautiful life I’ve lead,
And I desire of this paperweight to be free,
I must be on my way and find solace,
And go back in life’s race,
As I travel down those country lanes,
To see my good old tree.

My heart is racing wild and roaring with ecstacy,
As I dive into my profound memories of the apple tree,
The cool shade during my school days,
The homely and tame wind stirring up the atmosphere,
With its heavenly boon comforting every creature.

I hault my vehicle just before the lane,
I’ve decided to walk for I want to slowly observe to suffice my heart,
But everything has changed, nothing’s like before,
Looks like modernization’s hand has touched my neighborhood as well.

But modernization has an unknown paranoia along with other bright outcomes,
And the paranoia which has flooded my neighborhood,
Is the result of massacred trees.

My body has been electrocuted,
As my veins have gone numb as they refuse to bear this shock,
Not only has my most loved branched out soul died,
But my whole leafy neighborhood has been destroyed.

My eyes are wide open and I see no trace of the heaven I hoped,
But only a gigantic posh mall, a cinema hall, and other guilty facilities,
Guilty of the death of the souls, on whose provisions everyone has thrived,
This civilization created is a violation of nature.
A violation of God.

The source for paper, the source of your life,
Every fruit you’ve bitten, every ingested medicine,
Their source is being cut down.
Their minds crippled with paranoia, driven with utmost craze,
The world will fade into a foggy haze.

The branched out souls are shouting at top of their voice,
But we can’t hear their dying cry,
As in our ears, the call of nature
Is completely void.

But we still have time,
To hope for a better world and save our earth,
Let’s not have innocent blood on our hands,
Let’s save these vital trees,
Rather than just cutting them down with ease.

Let’s not destroy the source of life,
Else later we’ll pay the price,
Let’s not unjust evil towards our creators become our vice,
Let’s not write our own demise.

The merciless killing of innocent trees will only lead to inevitable environmental hazards.


Instagram: #saveaarey, #saveaareyforest, #letmumbaibreath, AareyConservationGroup

Facebook: AareyConservationGroup


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The Dreadful Demon

My past is filled with ravenous regrets,
As I’ve wailed over the souls who touched my hand and melted unto the sorrowful sky,
And these craving, miserable monsters crawled united,
And formed forlorn despair immortal, deep within my mortal body.

This despair is no less than a demon,
Its hands are made of guilt, and the legs are built of rage,
And the purpose of this dreadful demon’s life,
Is to ensure my death.

The dreadful demon in the pit of my stomach,
Reaches out its hideous hand through my intestine,
As its intriguing, filthy fingers slither around my throat as a python,
Making me gasp as I choke to death.

Sadnesss seeping through the atmosphere,
My vision is blurred,
Dizziness stirring in my numb mind in every breadth,
Ruby red tears rushing down my eyes as my heart shrinks and my body collapses.

My shrill voice aching for help,
Screaming like mad, desperate souls trapped with no way out,
But no aid I’ve received, for maybe this mystical monster has muted my voice,
With me the only being to perceive it,
Or maybe it is because nobody cares to hear it.
Yet I want to live.

I have no help.
No support, no hope, no reason to cling on to my soul.
All I have is me.
But this me has everything people expect to get from others.
I have strength.
I have courage.
I am mortal and I have a soul.
Over me, I certainly have control.
So nothing will be affected, until I allow it to.

This demon is part-dementor for it is sucking every bit of hope and joy within me,
It is part-vampire as it feasts on my bleeding soul and the blood gushing out from my veins fulfilling its bloodlust,
It is a beast from up above controlled by the Gods of Torment,
With multiple hands squeezing every ounce of hope from every source of hope.

But I’ll fight.

I’ll fight this tortured state.
I’ll emerge stronger than this beast which wants to murder me and dig my grave,
I will be strong and steady and attack, with confidence as my crossbow and determination as my dagger.
I’ll flourish.
I’ll stay alive.
I will get through it.
I won’t let the demon of my past buried in me make me perish.


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The Devil Down

I’m the air that you breathe,
You don’t realize but every second I enter your body,
You thought I’d cure you of your pain,
But now you regret my presence in your life.
Because I entered your mind, I entered your soul,
I knew it inside out and gave you hope,
But then you knew the true meaning of my presence, which destroyed your self,
And the air which entered your nostrils which provided you comfort,
Is now replaced with an air that makes your heart thump in your throat and cough blood.

As I’ve stabbed a dagger into your soul,
Which will make you hallucinate and destroy the core of your now soulless thoughts,
You’ll bleed your pain and suffer, through your damp eyes drained with streams of despair,
For you’ll dissolve your glum darkness into the devoid, lifeless and empty sounds of silence.

You’ll hate yourself more than you hate me,
You’ll torture and deceive yourself and won’t seek any revenge.
The gifts I came to lay on your walk into the future appeared to you as rose petals,
But the more I compelled you to an inevitable state of self-destruction,
All the more the petals felt like glass shards as you walked ahead.

I shan’t kill you nor hurt you,
I shall take away all the light from your life and lock it up in my treacherous box of desires,
You shall stop receiving love and healing from anyone,
You will crumble like paper and disintegrate into the shadows of the barren lonely trees,
You’ll lose yourself for an eternity and become a slave of the devil above.
As I find great pleasure within this box of robbed happiness.

Beware me.
Because anywhere I lead you, ultimately into the devil’s hands you’ll be in,
For you’ll be encaged in your own tortured, depressed soul’s perilious prison,
And I needn’t even do much for that.
I shall only stare you down till you’re weak in your knees.
And lo! You’re compelled with a tortured eternity.
I shall make you weak and powerless and destroy your strength to the very core,
Because the Devil’s on your mind now, not above anymore.


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Letting go?

I cry you comment,
You do the same when I smile.
No matter what I do, I’ll always be judged by you,
Why can’t you accept me for me once in a while?

I am not aware of what to do,
Nor do I know what not to do,
Because no matter what happens,
There will be someone,
Succeeding in letting me down,
Leaving me in a deep ocean of hopelessnes to drown,
Making me feel unimportant,
Making me suffer through bouts of great torment.

I tried to avoid you, pursue complete isolation,
But then my distance was questioned as well,
My absence is questioned,
But my presence doesn’t matter,
So what is this situation trying to sell?

I want to overcome it, find happiness,
But deep down I know it’s impossible,
Because whenever I see your face,
Your eyes seem evil and full of grimace,
Because I have given up on the prospect of joy to be permissible.

I am lost in my rapt loneliness,
And my loneliness I can’t reason why,
I can see no clear path, only my thoughts full of fogginess,
And their criticism so harsh, to see the path doesn’t even urge me to try.

All I want to do is sleep in my room all day,
I want gloomy darkness all around to cut out all hopeful rays,
I want to distance from reality in every possible way,
For my non-existence is the only solution to get away.

I want to live in a world where there are no worries
No stress, no burdens, a world where I can be free,
And even if it sounds as something which can be easy for you to have,
I don’t have at all a choice, this world exists only in my dreams.

For some unknown reason everyone is always behind my back,
What is it they expect from me that I lack,
I try my best to be elated and keep hope,
But I guess I know that nobody can heal the wound hidden deep within my soul,
No matter what I do, I cause hurt everywhere I go,
I now wish I’d never existed for all this to prevent.

I have a void space in my soul which nobody can fill,
Every word I speak, every action of mine is for everyone, motives filled with evil,
The wildness of their deliberate criticism, no supernatural can tame,
No alternative I posses, but all by myself to take the blame.

I cannot live in such a world anymore,
A world where my wings are cut,
A world where my soul has no soul,
Where my feelings for others always seem to them meaningless, blunt, crushed and shunned, always causing hurt.

I would be a billionaire if for every tear trickled down my face I was paid a dime,
I can’t live with such sorrow like I’m already dead,
I think now it’s time,
In life’s sentence to put a full stop in the end.


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PS – Dear readers, will genuinely request you to check out my other poem ‘My Hollow Chest’ on @oliveskins. Kindly request you all to follow @oliveskins and @myvaliantsoul, for a great read of original abstract poems!

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My Mind’s Mediation

A string of words musical to my ears,
A feeling of joy and relief all at once,
Come, the beauty of music we’ll find,
For music is the mediation of mind.

They bring contentment at times,
Sometimes they carry the rumbles of sobs,
But the beauty of lyrics, and calmness of music,
Is indeed something the ears can rob.

Music is what brings the soul unperishable joy,
It is what brings the mind words onto satisfy,
Music brings life in every single day,
Music brings love in every single way.

Not only does it calm my soul,
Music never leaves for healing – a hole,
Come forget your daily chores,
Listening to music will never get your ears sore.

Whenever I hear the melodious singing of a choir,
I know that it is my soul’s true desire,
And the peace I perceive from it is my true dedication,
For music is now my only obsession.

A song is like a huge party to me,
Can vary from pitch low and high, to calm chords and funky beats,
From percussion to acoustic, from jazz to rock ‘n’ blues,
You may get tired by listening to music, but music will never get tired of you.

For music is eternal and will forever stay,
No matter how much try you may,
For it is of telling you God’s way,
That with happiness in your heart live every day.

Music helps us leave all our troubles behind,
It brings in our life a beam of hope for us to find,
Music is God’s greatest gift to mankind,
Music is indeed the mediation of mind.


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An Eternal Sleep

My sleepy, gloomy conscience craves my bed,
To my now staying awake I want to put an end,
Every blink of the eyes is a relief, for every second it feels a nightmare,
Between the grave and bed there is not much to compare…
Only that the bed offers happiness for a short time,
And the grave will offer joy eternally to be mine.

Oh! How my mind craves the resting grave,
Where I can rest my heart and rest my soul and forever go to sleep,
People say every second’s a boon so be grateful and happy,
So how can I tell the world that me dying is the only way for others feeling grateful and jolly?

But the truth be told I just don’t care,
About happiness and satisfaction the long theories, I don’t wanna give importance,
But if they are feelings which you know are right instinctively you’re aware,
Then I’m pretty sure the place where I’m going to find solace is my grave.

So before into my gloomy dreams and hallucinations you ask me to drive,
I just want to tell you, now I don’t have time,
Because as their theories say, do what gives you satisfaction deep,
So I now happily inform you, that I’m going to sleep.


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Lisa Grey

I’ve sealed the way into my heart,
I’ve become a human void of feelings,
I try reading their minds and read between the lines directly from the start,
Because I can’t trust what anyone tells me now a single thing.

I have become suspicious of every move,
I’ve started to think my life is conspired by a demeaning beast,
I’m frightened to live, I have a fear to again love,
Because I can’t forget how my ferocious fate has now made me its feast.

I’ve been hurt, heartbroken, have given up, have been through thick and thin,
And now I’ve developed a fear of going through it again,
So now I’ve decided to put my past behind and not have a bit of it on my mind,
Because I’m at a stage where I don’t want to cause anyone any pain.

I’ve decided to go undercover, and live like I ain’t alive,
I’ve decided to let me live in torment because that’s what everyone feels in my presence,
I’ve decided to move on and run away from my burning fire of life,
Because my absence is the only way to bring luminescence.

Such were the thoughts of Lisa Grey,
She thought giving up was the only way,
She began to think how to escape on her bed as she lay,
And just about that, a long lost friend in front of her came.

He wore a flat hat like a beanie and a shaggy overcoat,
He was more than a friend and no less than a lover,
He was her dear father.
“Papa?”, she spoke, a sparkle of startle and hope in her voice awoke.

“Liz”, he replied in a tone of gentle sweetness which also indicated he was to ponder on something,
He was to talk to her about how she truly felt about anymore not living
A solution for her in the pain and the sorrowful darkness she saw he wanted to find
He wanted to encourage and support her before she planned to leave her life behind

“I want to talk to you about how you feel,
I can understand if it with you are unable to deal,
But you can always ask for help and try your best to self-heal
But don’t for the beasts of your destiny so soon be a meal.”

“You are a pure creature, God’s child with a splendidly selfless soul
You always put everyone above yourself,
And now it is a habit onto which you hold,
Because you’re leaving because you feel you would be doing a favour to them”

“But before you go, ask yourself this,
Do they know what you go through?
Do they know that your tears wet the pillows?
Do they know about how you truly feel?
So how can you without asking for help decide to leave?”

“You are a person with a spirit full of strength
You have tremendous power for the pain to fight against
Just talk it out, and have hope and don’t think to others you’re a burden
Because you’re a beautiful human being, full of strength, self-belief and hope within.”

Tears had welled up both their eyes,
Lisa had never been under such a whelm of support,
She was confused as she did not know what ahead lies,
Because in her life she had reached the most crucial crossroad.

She could either take the easy way, and put an end,
Or she could find happiness by starting again.
She could develop into a new version and live the received joy until comes the natural end,
Or she could let the loss of her life be the beasts of her past’s biggest gain.

The thoughts in her mind to end the matter,
Closed her eyes as she went into a slumber,
She had decided to stay another day and not let that sleep be eternal,
But there was someone whom she deeply loved whose life had ended like any mortal.

It was her father.

The next morning she woke,
The sentence she couldn’t bear hearing her mother spoke,

“Your father passed away yesterday noon”, she said,

But hadn’t her father the previous night visited?

And in the matter of a blank second her heart raced,
Raced because in her life a tremendous hurricane had taken place,
This hurricane struck her like lightning because of the day previous she had now no clear vision,
Her father’s spirit had visited her, but only her, so that only she could see him in person, for it surely was not her imagination.

And in that moment it all changed.
She started to see the blue in the sky.
The brightness of the sun up high.
The cheerful chirping of the sparrows
For now in her life she chose to suck out the marrow.
So for the peace of her dear father,
She decided not to torture herself any further.

She wanted to be happy, so she lived every second,
She decided to do what she felt good about and was right,
To her unknown loneliness she decided to put an end,
For she had now decided to not cry under the bedsheet all night.

She decided not to give up, and stand up on her own toes,
She chose to see her limit by finding out only after her flight,
She decided to not measure her ability on others’ scale to grow.
But to choose her own life, even if the long way, to say strong inside and continue to fight.

So my dear friend,
Open your eyes and Lisa’s strength commend
And remember, you too can be strong so never give up
For it’s completely your choice to be your life’s own master or be the past’s demeaning beasts’ dinner.


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