Thank you.

Katerina and Nadia Petrova, because you know what I mean.

Hello mother, (TVD reference intended)

I know you didn’t ask for anything more than a simple and peaceful day in midst of all the haziness revolving around you. The situation which we behold in front of our eyes fashions simplicity into the most rare and beautiful form of happiness. You know that very well of all people. But I have to do this, not in the form of a ‘gesture’ but as a much needed letter to be written to you. And what day better than today?

From series marathons to guessing that song from our ‘lalala’ and ‘tingtingting’ tunes because we never get the lyrics right, from deciding to bake a cake out of the blue to every inside joke, I really love spending time with you. Your company is safe, fun and irreplaceable. Thank you for always being there for me, giving me my space, making sure I am aware of my mistakes and teaching me responsibility. You inspire me to stand on my feet. You are more important to me than words will ever express. I respect you and everything will fall apart without you, and I mean it. I love you.

The past one year has brought us many blessings and unfortunate elements too. But if it weren’t for you, I would never learn to be grateful for those blessings. You have gone through battles which I was too young to realize how tough they were. But slowly, I am understanding you. At least, I am trying.

But what I am sure I have understood and is true is that you mother, are the embodiment of strength. If there was a single word to describe the ability of a person to go through storms and yet keep faith and stay strong, it would be you. You are beautiful in all aspects and the law of time cannot ever age your beauty. It will forever stay in my heart and I promise to cherish it.

You have taught me lessons which have shaped me in what I am today (I am aware this line being said requires me being a very big person LOL but I do mean it) and all your bits of advices have always, always held an important place in my mind. You have never failed to guide us and have nurtured us. You really are one of the smartest people I know.

Hope, gratefulness and faith. Without you, these words would not have had so much value to me as they do today. I am lucky to have you. You have been the biggest blessing I have ever had. Thank you for being a ray of light for all of us. You mean a lot more than you know.

I hope you enjoy your day and have fun! ❤

Yours lovingly,

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There are times when I feel it’s the end,
Whether to my profound happiness or my uncared pain I’m not aware,
I feel like breaking free from this prison of torment within which I’m encaged,
Which feels a task so lucid with my fists clenched and my heart burning
With a perilous fire of rage.

Because I’m tired of a bleeding heart,
I’m tired of my salty tears,
I’m tired of the gloominess I’m enforced to endure,
In this massacre whether I’ll survive I’m unsure.

And even though there are moments when people show they care,
My self-hatred has grown everlastingly that those moments seem unfair,
Because all I do is cause people pain endlessly,
Sometimes I feel the world would be a better place without me.

And that’s when I fall asleep from the excruciating thoughts,
But then I wake up and again go through the same,
My life seems to be slipping from my hands,
But there’s no point of having one for internally I’ve collapsed.

I feel like it’s Groundhog Day,
Where the same insane sorrow sanely I try to treat everyday,
But I’ve tried every way,
No stars are gonna shine as there is no light,
In my gloomy little sky called life.

So for once I’ll follow my heart,
No matter how much it bleeds and helplessly cries for hope,
For once and forever I end your troubles dear friend,
For now to this massacre I put an end.

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Originally published on 5th August, 2019

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