Glass Leaves

I’m tired, My spine stays relaxed as I shut my eyes and disconnect From the commotion of reality, Which has all of a sudden shushed.  But my mind is louder than it has ever been before, Though the night doesn’t make a single twitch, The voices in my head are draining me, And my mind … Continue reading Glass Leaves

Even The Healthy Are Sick

It’s 6:30 in the evening and I am sitting here, in dire lack of inspiration, just trying to write something, anything, even nothing would be satisfying now in these times. It’s terrifying, how an incurable (as of now) virus has shipwrecked every soul breathing. Though I am grateful that all my friends, my family, and … Continue reading Even The Healthy Are Sick

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello, fellow bloggers! It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that I’ve been nominated for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ by Riya Gupta through her website WorldOfMyThoughts on WordPress. I request you all to check out her amazing blog of her unique words. Thank you so much Riya, for this nomination. I am so grateful … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

When Reality Hits

It killed me. Knowing that I couldn’t live without you and you were the air entering my lungs in every moment. The sweet nectar in our love we tasted under the oak trees at nightfall before we walked in the same direction, hearts intertwined and the hands interlocked perfectly like the perfect key to a … Continue reading When Reality Hits

It’s night.

And the cicada bellows a horror tune, Into the turbidity of thoughts of the chilled night, That petrifying screech of intense terror. And its horror, Provokes the aeons and alerts their nerves, With an abandoned pain Of a long-forgotten tale. And somewhere the oak leaves rustle, Perhaps to calm the cicada’s call, Or to soothe … Continue reading It’s night.

Gratitude Post!

Hello Guys! Yes, a year back I joined WordPress and today is my one-year anniversary! And this post is just an effort to make you readers know my gratitude towards you all. We’re in tough times right now and these tiny moments of hope and joy somehow provide us strength and something to be grateful … Continue reading Gratitude Post!

A Land of The Unknown (Part 3)

Up ahead I see a flight of stairs, Made of sparkling fluid and translucent air, I take one step and lose my balance but I’m fine, Walking on water was way ahead of our time! Up and up I step and stroll, Nobody knows what the end shall behold, I have now entered a void, … Continue reading A Land of The Unknown (Part 3)

A Land of The Unknown (Part 2)

I now roam astray in a moonlit field, Wondering who was my shield, Then I see sunflowers, they sing and sway, They blow my worries away. The scene has taken a bright contrast, An enchanting spell has been cast, The night isn’t as terrifying as it was before, It doesn’t seem to be so silent … Continue reading A Land of The Unknown (Part 2)

A Land of The Unknown (Part 1)

(Narrative)   I stumble up and peer around, The silence doesn’t make a sound, I shout and scream and screech, But nothing is within my reach, I take a step and try to find, Some vague face of humankind, But when I see this fractured scenery, I know the silence is my only company.  My … Continue reading A Land of The Unknown (Part 1)

That World

I wanted to write a poem about hope, To conjure brightness and mirror them in my words, To imbibe a optimistic energy in your soul. So I hoped for hope, But I could not have hope  and/or hope, I too don’t know. I wrote down ideas, Pondered on poetic forms and devices, I am told … Continue reading That World

broken But beautiful

                         As we sip our daily coffee, the warm eclair of bitter bliss dances down our hoarse throats of incomplete sleep and periodical insomnia, our eyes are half sunken into our evanescent thoughts fading in and out, us barely awake. We are still dreaming, … Continue reading broken But beautiful


I wove inspiration from scraped clothes, Tattered pieces speak enough woe, The heart mumbled words, Which banged against my soul, But never came up to my throat. When novels run out of unturned pages, When poems run out of mystical metaphors, And when life is a series of unspoken words and spoken silences, She emerges, … Continue reading Inspiration

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