The Rhapsody of The Blues

An archaic tune playes over the dusty radio,Reminds me of a dwindling duet I almost forgot a second back,Every cosmic binder of the universe,Wants me to never forget the rhapsody of our love. Our rhapsody was melodious,The tune was full of life,And the lyrics of this rhapsody,Were the loving letters I wrote you. This rhapsody … Continue reading The Rhapsody of The Blues

It’s night.

And the cicada bellows a horror tune, Into the turbidity of thoughts of the chilled night, That petrifying screech of intense terror. And its horror, Provokes the aeons and alerts their nerves, With an abandoned pain Of a long-forgotten tale. And somewhere the oak leaves rustle, Perhaps to calm the cicada’s call, Or to soothe … Continue reading It’s night.

Happy Birthday, Papa.

Dear Papa, No matter how long we talk over the phone none of it compares to the time spent together when you’re here. Birthdays. Some are excited, some are not. Some have gigantic parties, some make wee celebrations with cake at the most. But we’re simple, middle-class Sindhis. Give us sai-bhaji with chawal along with … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Papa.

Waiting for You

I am tired of rhyming words, Tired of surreal metaphors, I’m tired of mirrored symbolism, And tired of reading between the lines, To find some worth that lies within deep. For that’s what I do the entire time, Go through the same day repeatedly as if Groundhog’s Day, Finding out where I go wrong, And … Continue reading Waiting for You


Ruthless rage taking over my bruised body, No self-control, as you have driven me into this rapt insanity, Every wee fraction of a second, When I’m lost in your tormentous thoughts, Your vile face appears, And dims the brightness in my welled up eyes, Glistening due to the salty streams, Regularly trickling down my cheeks. … Continue reading Prey

An Ode to Examinations

The ink of scratching pens spilling onto the crisp parchment, A hurried agony of mulled up words, Embedded in your brain during the cicada’s screech in the previous pitched night, Showered with caffeine shots to last the term. Pensiveness penetrating the dead silence, With you sleepily sunken in thoughts, Every sentence improvised from your hazy … Continue reading An Ode to Examinations

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