broken But beautiful

                         As we sip our daily coffee, the warm eclair of bitter bliss dances down our hoarse throats of incomplete sleep and periodical insomnia, our eyes are half sunken into our evanescent thoughts fading in and out, us barely awake. We are still dreaming, … Continue reading broken But beautiful


I wove inspiration from scraped clothes, Tattered pieces speak enough woe, The heart mumbled words, Which banged against my soul, But never came up to my throat. When novels run out of unturned pages, When poems run out of mystical metaphors, And when life is a series of unspoken words and spoken silences, She emerges, … Continue reading Inspiration

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello, fellow bloggers! It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that I’ve been nominated for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ by Riya Gupta through her website WorldOfMyThoughts on WordPress. I request you all to check out her amazing blog of her unique words. Thank you so much Riya, for this nomination. I am so grateful … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

When The Heavens Whispered

It rained, The pink of the flowers melted into a mystical mauve of matte, As the skies spilled their tales into a cascade of condensated love, The soil gained a unique freshness and sprayed the air with the calmness of a mended soul, And the edges of the leaves curved concave, As the nectar of … Continue reading When The Heavens Whispered

When Reality Hits

It killed me. Knowing that I couldn’t live without you and you were the air entering my lungs in every moment. The sweet nectar in our love we tasted under the oak trees at nightfall before we walked in the same direction, hearts intertwined and the hands interlocked perfectly like the perfect key to a … Continue reading When Reality Hits

The Bloodbath of Our Love

Our silence is more of a distraction than our love, My longing for you drains the pure blood from my veins, As I stuff my mouth with The letters you wrote me, Trying to quench my thirst With the dried ink, But choke on the yellow pages instead. Want to feel your love through these … Continue reading The Bloodbath of Our Love

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